wow this whole t-ara thing is so drama!!!! even though I’m not a fan of them i really wanna know what the truth is!!! i think it pretty unlikely for hwayoung to bully so many staff. i mean 19 people? and acting like a queen towards the other members who had more authority than her is like courting…

Gathered “Evidence” of bullying in T-ARA


So I found this on twitter:

It’s basically this person’s findings on what can possibly be proof that Hwayoung was bullied by other T-ARA members. I’m not saying this is 100% true nor is this solid evidence, just someone’s opinion okay.
Just to summarize this it basically says:

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CCM CEO Kim Kwang Soo is a totally a BAD lier.

First he said that Hwayoung after she broke her leg wanted to continue with they performances but staff didn’t want to allow her due to the care of her health.

“Hwayoung’s leg injury and her subsequent absence for the concert was for the protection…


I have to say from briefly following the situation of their group after throroughly enjoying their new release, I am greatly dissapointed to hear that this is going on. I understand that bitchiness and various other issues always crop up in any professional and friendship group no matter how close…


This is my point of view of the whole story.

I’ll start saying that there’s always been a reason I’ve never been a fan of them: the messy label, especially the messy CEO.

This definetely gives me the proof I’ve always done a good thing: CCM, as a label, is utter s-it.

I think it’s pretty much…


I’m really disappointed in T-ara; Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon… Bullying and disregarding your own member is SO NOT COOL! I really lose respect for them.. Treating Hwayoung like she’s invisible and ignoring her for all this while is so mean… Acting so kind on camera, such a faker!…

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